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Funny and interesting designs bringing out the creativity within the students

Massive practice of the 4 skills - Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing

Videos and tips showing how to use the materials and much more!

Created, and developed in JAPAN using our original

methodology P.U.M. (Play, Understand and Memorize)

25,000+ students 

Public Elementary Schools

Community Classes

Private Kindergartens

Private Cram Schools

Innovative ideas and concepts in our worksheets - Well known stuff used a whole interesting new way

Keep the communication flowing with fun interview worksheets on a vast array of topics and even report it all later - Confidence drilled at its best!

Cognitive skills at its max - Make students independent through  MDS ESL worksheets



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Check them out! They are just a fraction of what we offer.

Everything was made in high quality to guarantee your student's best experience. However it may be a little slow to download some worksheets due to your internet connection 

Don't know how to use the materials?

Don't worry, we've got you covered!

There are videos showing varieties of ways to use the materials, as well as simple tips and pointers.

"Make the Difference" Project  

OUR Mission with the World Kids

We strongly believe that making it possible for kids to learn English we can help them to get leverage in life. Open infinity doors in the future. We MDS ESL will delivery in person a full set of our materials with training sessions for free ... totally free of charge! And we mean even the air ticket hotel and other expenses.

We are 100% sure we will transform millions of kids' lives. 

EVERY 500 sold paid subscriptions made we will announce the lucky poor community that will get it.

Let us know which poor school or community regardless of the country you think would need this present. 

We will post the pics and videos of the wonderful time we will have with them right here. We are so excited about that!

Highlight of the Month!

Updated in  ____/____

Paid subscribers: 000,079

1 - Click on the button below and send us your suggestion.

2 - Write on the subject field: make the difference campaign

3 - Write on the message field: the name of the school, community or group and the country. If possible the school/community phone number, and the email address, too.

4 - Congrats! You helped TWICE to make the difference in OUR wonderful world!


The top 5 voted countries are:

1 - Africa 

2 - Indonesia

3 - India

4 - 

5 - 

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Let us help you share your talent with the world!

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