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The Big 2 Tricks Nobody Notices About Learning a Language

How many people you know that complains about the "lack of success" in learning a foreign language?

The Problems

It doesn't matter what school you go or what materials you use but the truth is the most people have no "real" success with languages after studying it for a while. The most common issues are the mumbling, the weird sentences, the non-sense words used then the exhaustion after trying so hard to convey a simple sentence. It seems to be a huge mental challenge every single time. The worst is you kind of remember everything after the talk was all ruined and your "brilliant" mind usually comes up with the proper lines for what you needed but it is already late. Frustration? Yeah! We all have been there hundreds of times. That's why people get stuck on the journey and feel overwhelmed after failing so much (apparently more than necessary).

The Solution

First, we must stop the compulsive "translations" in our minds in an attempt to talk to someone. Each language has a different grammatical structure or the orders of the sentences could be opposite like in Japanese and English. Many languages don't have prepositions like "to", "for", "at" and others or articles like "the", "a". So trying to translate one by one will lead you to instant failure.

Second, people, in general, insist on saying anything in a foreign language using their native level. Needless to say, it's going to be trouble. Can you imagine an American adult trying to talk about relationship issues in Russian? Forgot to mention that this person studies Russian only once a week for 2 years. This person might have about the same vocabulary and understanding of a native first-grade Russian kid. Can a 7 years old Russian kid talk about relationship issues? Hum?! I don't think so. Some people are remarkably smart so it's not a big deal but most people are like us.


Stop immediately, the automatic translation in your mind. Switch your brain to the language you want, and use what you've got. During the classes, and time we were studying the language we allowed ourselves to get these two bad habits. It's not easy, but we must "kill" them otherwise frustration, and lack of success will overcome you for sure.

As a non-native English speaker, that's exactly what happened to me. Unfortunately, there was nobody to tell me. I had to figure it all out myself and work hard to catch up on the wasted years and hours.

Yes, you can!

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