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The Dilema of Writing Better Before Grammarly

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

To be frank, I am very creative but when it comes to writing it all down on a piece of paper things can be disastrous. I obviously use one of those...oops better say the best one instead, an app for delivering a great piece of writing content. I have tried but failed countless (not so many to be true) times to perfect my writing until I finally gave up. But obviously, I had an ace up my sleeves. I use and recommend Grammarly (there's a link below if you want to check it out). No! It's not one of those ineffective regular auto-correct tools. It's THE one! I can write with more confidence again 'cause I know it will find those incredible, terrifying and almost invisible misspelling and punctuation mistakes. And the best of all is the affiliate program which you after falling in love with the app can make some little money spreading the word and helping people getting rid of the nightmare called proofreading. I hope you all enjoy it!


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