Once Upon a Time...


There was a guy who noticed that teachers and students were having a hard time during English classes. Seeing this, he had many ideas about how to grab the students' attention and make the teacher's job easier.

He worked non-stop for countless years, for thousands of hours, hoping to bring life to the classes. He listened closely to the teachers, mentors and kids, and stood up to the challenge of changing the world of English classes. He battled many evil forces (including students lol) and overcame many difficulties: lack of help, dragons, technical problems, lack of time, goblins, lack of proper equipment, frustration, mistakes, evil witches, laziness, and people saying he was crazy. All this to  bring students' boredom and teachers' hassles to an end!


In the end, everyone was satisfied, learned a lot and lived happily ever after.

Who We Are

We are a group of teachers and other people directly involved with education who share the same goal: to make the most of each English class through games, and activities. 

We believe that if the students don't enjoy learning, there won't be progress. Consequently, time and money will be wasted, and both the teacher and students will get frustrated.

Every single MDS educational material was carefully tailored and crafted with passion. We were happy each time we saw the positive impact they made on kids in the classroom.

As careful instructors we are aware that education evolves and we are constantly adapting to the newest trends, building upon our strong foundation. We welcome any suggestions for improvement from our customers.

Are you curious?


MDS ESL card games, worksheets, posters and other educational materials are always designed to make classes fun and productive. 

We don't believe in mechanical repetition. We believe in assimilation through enjoyable, creative and engaging classes.

All materials are designed and tested according to the needs of students and classes. 

We constantly revise and update all our products.


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Why us?

Using our educational materials kids:

  • practice the 4 skills - Listening, Reading, Speaking & Writing.

  • develop social and cognitive skills

  • engage in positive competition

  • constantly use their imagination

  • become independent learners

  • learn effectively while having fun

Using our educational materials teachers/instructors:

  • prepare for classes quickly and easily

  • enjoy monthly material updates and unlimited downloads

  • can request us to customize your dream cards or worksheets

  • use materials on wireless devices and/or in print

  • help students work more independently

  • access tons of how-to videos and useful tips

© 2010 by MDS ESL - Japan

Shizuoka-ken:  Hamamatsu city - Fukuroi city/Fukuroi-shi Takao-cho 15-25 

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